Hi, this is the temporary website for the Morgan Analytics Research Institute, a Texas-based nonprofit corporation.

Future versions of this website will include facilities for donations (including credit cards, bank transfers, mailed checks, donations in-kind, and others).


We will also have an international blog for suggesions, critiques, software, opinions and everything else related to automation of healthcare patient status monitoring.


Below you will soon find links for uploads and downloads as well as patient surveys specifically identified for each of several different patient types. You will have access to a given survey only with a prescription from a doctor and/or a legal document authorizing  access. Your userid and password will arrive by email. Thanks for your support and trust.


We are available by phone, text or email 24/7 to answer questions and provide guidance. In addition, below will be listed national hotlines for a range of counseling services. We encourage you to use our full bank of resources for your medical needs.  We are HIPAA-certified and pledge full confidentiality to all of our visitors, patients, doctors and any others authorized to use our services.

Thanks and warm regards,
Dr. Michael S. Morgan, Managing Director
Morgan Analytics Research Institute, Dallas, Texas.
A Nonprofit Corporation Dedicated to the Development and Deployment of Machine Learning tools
For Healthcare providers:
1. Classification for early detection
2. Predictive modeling of remission/relapse
3. Management of behavioral disorders

Office locations.......... (1) 5731 Remington Park Dr. Dallas, TX 75252  .......... (2) 174 Corazon de Jesus San Juan, Metro Manila Philippines


Phone contacts.........Direct...........(USA) 214.300.9300 Fax:.............(USA) 833.790.3228


email........... mike.morgan@morgananalytics.com